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The IFES Foam Mobile Fire Suppression System is our leading product. The components manufactured by IFES are designed by people with more than 65 years of combined experience in this field, these are now the leading products on the market. A system complying with AS5062, using cylinders manufactured to AS2470 with an Australian Government design registration, it can’t be beaten. This product is used extensively in the mining market to protect mobile diesel powered machine, it is suitable for any equipment using a diesel engine.  Foam fire suppression systems applications include marine engines, locomotives, industrial and fixed plant engines, fork - lifts, forestry and farming equipment and 4wd vehicles.
Our Products:
IFES is an authorised distributor for Shilla. A leading range of listed fireman’s equipment including hand held nozzles, manual and powered monitors, foam making equipment and rescue tools. For more information please contact us.
IFES is an authorised reseller for FirePro. FirePro Systems manufactures, markets and distributes worldwide the environment friendly FirePro Fire Extinguishing Condensed Aerosol Systems the leading brand in the condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology. FirePro is used to protect many applications including : Electricity Substations, Electrical Cabinets/Panels,Transformer Rooms, Warehouses, Archives, Engine Rooms, Buses, Marine industry, Oil Platforms, Railways, Wind turbines, Server Rooms, Control Rooms and Data Centers.
IFES is an authorised distributor for Firetrace. When used for industrial fire suppression Firetrace is ideal for protecting equipment that carries an inherent fire risk. In commercial and industrial spaces with electrical hazards such as relays and switch gear, telecommunications equipment, including server racks, or the machinery that businesses rely upon to produce, package or transport their products Firetrace is the best suppression system to use.  Firetrace has a market leading local application system to rapidly protect the interior of any cabinet, or a Firetrace total flood system can be used to protect any large enclosed space or room. IFES has the expertise to install the alarm requirements including the gas system release and switch controls along with the room evacuation warning lights and signal alerts.
IFES has experts in in its company trained on Lightning elimination using Lightning Eliminators USA
Commercial kitchens like those we see in restaurants and catering facilities in mining, oil and gas, typically use large gas or electric cooking stations involving cooking oils and fats. These can catch on fire and are not normal fire risks needing specialised equipment. Using normal fire extinguishers may be impractical or dangerous. IFES offers the Amerex Restaurant system. This is a fixed system with fire detection over the cooking appliances with piping and nozzles already in place. If a cooking station catches fire, it releases a special agent that reacts with the cooking oils to form a vapour sealing blanket and suffocate the fire. It can be designed to protect a zone using the ZD System, or if cooking equipment is fixed in place then using the KP System. We can also supply a specialised fire extinguisher with this type of agent for tackling cooking oil fires.
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