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IFES manufactures most of its mobile fire suppression components and are integrated into our specially designed fire systems. The electronic facility designs, develops, manufactures, and tests the electronic indicating or controlling alarm panels that monitor the fire systems status. The engineering facility, manufactures compliant Australian Standard stainless steel agent cylinders and performs the critical certification tests. They also manufacture, assemble and test the valves, brackets and other components used in the system. The facility has the ability to adapt special requirements and modifications to suit customer requirements or special applications. All components supplied by IFES have been inspected and tested to ensure that they function as per engineering design rules and Australian Standards requirements.
IFES supply foam fire suppression systems that are designed to AS 5062.
The stainless steel cylinders come in a range of 120, 90, 65, 45 and 30 liters. The cylinders are manufactured to AS 2470, the larger 368mm using 2.5 mm 304 grade stainless steel. The powder coat finish is high grade Dupont UV resistant reducing colour loss or fading even after years in the sun. The foot ring is designed to take harsh vehicle vibrations and absorb them preventing cracking of the base dome. They are supplied with a powder coated rigid bracket assembly and clamped using stainless steel straps.

The main valve is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and can be either LOP or ROP by using a specially designed cap. Remote Actuator valves are manufactured from brass and mounted in a powder coated stainless steel rigid box. The fire detection for the system can be thermoplastic LOP tube, electric linear detection cable (fire wire), or IR detection cameras can be used for high value equipment.

IFES monitor the vehicle suppression system using our indicating or control alarm panels. The alarm panels can be manufactured to include special adaptations for marine, rail, aerosol firing, or for AFFF suppression systems. They can have internal battery backup supply. All IFES panels have standard factory set parameters, but can be reprogrammed to suit customer requirements, and they have data logging capability for fault finding or interrogation analysis.

Component testing and certification is performed in the production facilities while hot fire system testing is performed in Balikpapan. A large simulated engine is mounted on a “live fire” test platform enabling verification of system designs, foam performance and many other “real situation” tests and evaluations.The performance of the IFES foam fire suppression system has been witnessed and certified by TUV Rheinland, giving IFES a leading fire test and performance recognition in this market.

The photos show the IFES simulator with a scale 45 litre displacement V-12 engine and a scale 20B fire below.
(see our video)
Quality Assurance guarantees the conformity of the components dimensionally and functionally to meet Standards compliance. Live fire testing is the ultimate proof of any system. This verification method is critical. It ensures that a complete system with all the various components in place will operate in the environment for which they are designed and manage and perform well against a live fire.
IFES has developed leading design rules together with matching software. IFES has used its fire simulator to develop much more accurate hydraulic performance prediction algorithms which are proven in practical test...
IFES manufactures fire alarm panels for its Foam Mobile Fire Suppression systems.
These conform to AS 5062 and are manufactured to be simple to use, and reliable...
An extract from IFES risk management training
"It's not possible to eliminate risk but we can reduce the likelihood and we can reduce the consequence and make the risk acceptable"
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