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In business, companies must invest substantial amounts of capital in equipment and machinery to meet their contractual obligations. Modern diesel powered machines use turbo charging to increase power output and return better fuel consumption. There is a considerable down side to the use of turbo charging as it creates a higher potential fire risk ignition source.  Unfortunately sometimes high powered equipment can be destroyed by fire, resulting in extended periods of down time, lost production and financial hardship, and it can be even more devastating when extreme injury or loss of life results from a fire.

IFES specializes in fire risk management, for mobile plant fire suppression systems. However we have expertise in other specialised fields of fire protection including; Optical Fire Detection, Fire Monitor and Deluge Systems, Commercial Kitchen Systems and Dry Gas Systems, protecting high risk electrical switch boards, control rooms and the other special risks like aircraft hangars and other industrial applications.

IFES can assess risks, design and install systems, train and certify staff, and provide backup service and maintenance parts for the life of the systems we manufacture.
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Leigh Waldon is the Technical Manager and Commissioner of IFES, he lives in Central Java. He is a qualified mechanical engineer with more than 25 years experienced in this field of fire systems and is also qualified in engineering trade manufacture. He has formerly held the position of head of Special Hazards fire protection in Chubb Australia. He has many years experience with manufacturing fire system products in Indonesia and currently manages the IFES manufacturing facilities. He also uses his extensive knowledge to provide customer training and site support.
Paul Bryan-Brown is the President Director of IFES and has lived in Balikpapan for many years. He is qualified in Engineering Mechanics and has been supporting the transport industry of heavy vehicles and mining equipment for more than 25 years.  He has acquired 5 years of knowledge in the industry of fire suppression installation and system design and recently he has gained experience in the use of hot fire simulation for testing fire suppressions systems and manages the IFES simulator in Kalimantan.
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